December 16, 2009

The Perfect Partners, Krell & Thiel.

Ah Meng's system is one of simplicity, and it sounds good too.

Recently, I've heard a few systems consisting of Krell amplification and Thiel speakers partnership. I must say the synergy is pretty spot on. Here's one such system!
The Krell KPS20i CD player with beak resonator tweak all over.

The star clamp of the top loading CD player, Susan Wong sounds silky smooth here!

Krell KSL pre amp.

Continuing with my journey down south, since An Ode to Utopia, this system belongs to Ah Meng. Ah Meng uses a Krell KPS20i CD player, KSL pre and FPB600 power amps. Speaker is the solid Thiel CS6. All signal cables are Purist Audio Design variety and various brands of power cords, including Cardas are used. Ah Meng is into beak(on CD player) and heat sink(on most power cords on the IEC side) type resonator tweak. Also in used under the Thiel speakers are 3 pcs of Elite Acoustic MSI levitation devices to remove the contact point between the speaker and ground. In other words, the speaker floats on the MSI levitating devices.
Heat sink resonator tweak on power cords.

Elite Acoustic MSI levitation devices, 3 pcs used to float the speakers off the ground, 1pc in front, and 2pcs behind.

Purist Audio Design interconnects and speaker cables used all round. Shown here with wooden cable lift.

The system is housed in a purpose built sound room measuring 12 x 13ft, which there a bay window forming the back wall of the speakers. The speakers are positioned half way in to the room, with less than 5ft separating the throne and speakers, pretty near field for such a big speaker in a small room, I must say. The room is lightly treat with egg crates plastered along both the top side walls and thick curtains are used just behind the speakers and bay window, to provide some absorption acoustic treatment and much needed privacy.I notice tube bass traps employed behind the speakers too. A Tice Power Block PLC is used to condition in coming A/C supply.
TICE Power Block PLC. Note round vibrational damping device tweak on top!

I am not sure if it's the size of the room matching the speakers or the positioning plus the acoustic treatment, or all of the three in play here, but there's no room boom what so ever heard which is quite an amazing feat that Ah Meng pulled off here. The sound signature is tonally warm, yet there is no less bass slam and attack as should be, coming from big amp/big speaker combo in small room, especially playing big Chinese drums track, which are more often than not, system killers. Female vocals have a silky quality and sound stage depth perception is good if no wider than the room boundaries allow.
Krell FPB600, hidden under equipment rack.

Thiel CS6, solid as a rock! I wouldn't wanna head butt this fella.

The Krell KPS20i CD player has the capacity to function as a pre-amp, as it has a digital volume control built in. I would recommend that Ah Meng try that option and by pass the KSL pre for better transparency and improved system resolution. After all, it's free. I wonder if he agrees with my suggestion. He!He!


Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Nice! :-) I like the attention to detail!

Big E said...

The sound is very good too!

Big speaker in small room is do-able indeed! Only if one knows his stuff.