January 25, 2010

A Listening Experience with ProAc Carbon Pro 8 at CMY

CMY held a listening event for audiophiles with the new ProAc flagship - the Carbon Pro 8 loudspeakers on 24th Jan 2010 Sunday.

The Carbon Pro 8, fronted by all Naim electronics, impressed with its scale, dynamics and transient response, while remained poised at very high listening levels (the listening space was pretty large). Anyone interested but missed the event should make a beeline to CMY's showroom at Damansara Utama for the experience.

The Carbon Pro 8's specifications:
Nominal Impedance : 4 ohms
Recommended Amplifiers : 10 to 500 watts
Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 30kHz
Sensitivity : 91.5db linear for a 1w at 1m
Bass Drivers : 2 x 8" studio professional drive units
Midrange Drivers : 3" soft dome
Tweeter : ProAc ribbon
Dimensions : 49.2" x 9.6" x 18" (hwd)
Weight : 146.9lb each
ProAc's rep, Mr. David Amey, told the audience that the Carbon Pro 8's application of carbon fibers in its drive units benefited from technology transfer from Formula 1 racing.

CMY's head honcho, Mr. John Yew kicking off the event
Mr. David Amey of ProAc explaining the design of Carbon Pro 8
The listening session going on in earnestClose-ups of the ProAc Carbon Pro 8

The supporting cast - Naim and Richard Gray
Our very own Big E discussing the merits of ProAc's design with David Amey
One for the album

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