March 24, 2010

Absolute AV Gallery In Amcorp Mall.

The shop front display of Absolute AV Gallery.

Folks, not so new is Absolute AV Gallery, located on the first floor of Amcorp Mall, just opposite of Audiomatic, if one needs a popular location marker. The place is run by a hifi industry veteran, Mr Ong. If one doesn't quite know him, may I tell you that I first met Ong when I bought an all singing and dancing Bose speaker system for my home AV needs many years ago! Ring a bell???

Speakers galore! Meridian, Roksan and Aurum Cantus.

Absolute AV Gallery has actually been operating in Amcorp Mall for the last couple of months, but I was never able to bring my self to do another dealer focus just yet! By now all the silly holidays is over, and it's time to get back to some serious work.
Roksan front end and integrated amp.

Absolute AV Gallery deals with brands like Meridian, Roksan, Avantgarde, Snell, Audio Note and some quality used consignment high end hifi gear. Ong tells me there are plans to bring in more brands to make things just a little more exciting.
The main demo area, can't miss those beautiful Avantgarde horns can ya?

In the main demo area, a pair of Avantgarde Uno horn speakers are currently on demo, being feed by the Meridian G08.2 CD player and Roksan integrated amplifier. Ong sets up his demos meticulously and has a wide range of musical demo selection.
There's a tale behind this Meridian G08.2 CD player.

All I can say is thank fully, there's now some retail representation for great brands like Meridian and Roksan. I remembered sometime ago, a friend had listened to Odiosleuth's hifi system and decided that he'd like to purchase the Meridian G08.2 CD player as he was highly impressed with it's sonic performance. However at that time, no one knew who was selling Meridian in Malaysia! And don't ask me where and how Odiosleuth got his Meridian then. He! He!
More hifi on display, Meridian, PS Audio, Audio Note and Snell!

To avoid disappointments, please call Ong for an appointment at tel no: 012-3210488.

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