March 17, 2010

Go Listen To The Bird Sing, Only At Audiomatic.

Marten Design Bird speaker with all ceramic drivers except diamond coated tweeter.

I made a visit to Audiomatic and was surprised to find Eugene demo-ing a pair of Marten Design Bird loud speakers powered by a Bladelius Thor MKII integrated amp and a Freja MKIII CD/SACD player. Most cables and power conditioning unit is by Furutech.
Bladelius Thor MKII integrated amp and Freja MKIII CD/SACD player.

The sound was pristine pure, with little colouration to the music. The pair of diamond coated tweeters produces some of the most liquid, smooth highs which are highly addictive to listen to. By the way, the Marten Design Bird retails for RM$115K, so go hear the bird sing while you still can!
Audiomatic's main sound room.

Call Eugene at Audiomatic, tel:012-3222698 for an appointment.

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