March 20, 2010

JZ8's Debut CD.

I was having a cuppa with Hifi Maverick and the Pop Pop Man(that's good ol' Maggielurva for you and me) recently and ML passed me a CD-R copy of his latest just completed JZ8 project. He told me that it's an un-edited pre-pressing sampler and then ask "tell me what you think of it after you listen to it?".

I am sure by now, most of our dear readers would've been reading about the JZ8 duo which is vocal lead by Lydia Chew and supported Tay Cher Siang on piano(there are other musical instruments in the mix too, just make it a little more interesting). The music is ol' skool Chinese Jazz but with a refreshing twist.

I listened to the music in my home hifi and car audio system, then the play list available recently in pop pop music blog on my PC speakers. All I can say is that the pre-pressing sampler CD sounded full bodied, rich, airy and natural. The compressed MP3 format's sound quality on the play list located on the right panel of this blog just doesn't do the songs justice. However, the play list here is just to allow our readers to sample the artistic content, and should not be used as a barometer indication of the CD's potential recording quality.

Musically speaking, I found Lydia's voice to have more than a passing resemblance to audiophile queen Cai Qin, but only more seductive! On some tracks, she actually sounded like your best friend's sexy elder sister that you've always wanted to date, but never dared make a move on her for being afraid that it'll ruined your friendship(Well, now's the time to go sweep her off her feet???, oh yeah, that's my right brain thinking a loud again. He!He!). By the way, since I am a banana(yellow outside, white inside) kinda Chinese fella(there's also the mango kind which is yellow inside out!), I can't quite understand what Lydia's singing most of the time, but that musical experience is no less diluted. By the way ML, what ever happened to the customary saxophone on the classic I Have A Date With Spring track? I heard Lydia singing about that "smooth, smooth saxophone" bit but I didn't hear the sax!

In the end I felt Tay Cher Siang's piano playing was quite the un expected star of the day! I like the way he licks the keyboard and the piano sound just flows(check out the song named Fairy Wheels). I find it hard to describe the sensation, but once listened to the CD on a well set up high end system, I think you'll know what I am trying to get at. ML, how about an album with Tay Cher Siang and some extra musical instrumental(trio or quartet) backing? I think he'd probably do as well as Richard Clayderman! Think of the huge market potential for easy listening, or lobby/elevator music? Ha!Ha!

I ordered a copy of the first 1000 pressing from ML. I am looking forward to get my production copy! Go get yours now.


Tommy said...

Where can I get this CD?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi tommy,

you can reserve a copy with us but the stock will come next month..
write to