March 27, 2010

Strange Love! Audio Physic Spark and Bewitch KT88.

The Audio Physic Spark is no longer available. It has been since superseded by the Sitara, which is unfortunately, not brought in to Malaysia by the local distributor.
For the past week or so, a friend has been raving about the Audio Physic & Bewitch partnership he had heard, and hoped to emulate the very same qualities in his musical system.

Today, we've experienced the very unlikely combo that worked like a dream! My resident Audio Physic Spark was matched with a tube amp, a Bewitch KT88 integrated. This combo, played in my audio cave, sourced by my Marantz CD7(all connected with silver RCA interconnects and speaker cables by Prometheus Audio) resulted in great bass control, emotive vocal rendering, and excellent harmonic and timbre colours reproduction of string instruments like violin, piano and even acoustic guitar. Highs were smooth and airy, as it should with tube power.

The beer budget Bewitch KT88, is China made I believe, but boy...., did it sound like a million bucks when partnered with the AP Spark above!

The really unexpected thing was that when the 90db @ 4 ohms rated Spark was connect to the 8 ohms speaker output tab of the Bewitch, the sound mellowed and it was a musical experience bathed in goose bumps moments. I've never heard the Audio Physic Spark sang with such a gorgeously warm touching tone.

Just hoping to share with our readers an experience of very unlikely strange bed fellows that can sound like magic.


GCK said...

Hi Panzer I have been playing my AP Scorpio with 211 tubes and it sounded very good. Now you confirm what I have experienced. Now I am playing AP Medea with 211 and it sounds fantastic..

BrAvO said...

I am pairing the Bewitch KT88 with my AP Yara Evolution too. Great match & they are the song bird for me.

Anonymous said...

I have the same setup :) A bewitch 6550 instead of KT88 tho.
And it's feed by an Airport Express or a Pro-ject Turntable.
Great match really! The soundscape is large but the placement of instruments could be better imho.

Did you try other speakers with the Bewitch?