March 29, 2010

A Wadia 170iTransport for Your i-Thoughts - Final Week

Below is the fourth and final qualifying entry for Hifi Unlimited's Wadia 170iTransport competition. The final winner will be announced some time in April.

The following is from
Wang C. A.:

Essential Wadia 170i

I lead a hectic life.
I thrive on the fast lane.
I expect high performance.
I don't accept compromises.
Either I do or I don't.
My choice is clear.
I don't look back
It’s not an option.

I keep abreast with cutting edge technology.
My work requires me too push the limits.
I am the kinda guy who can be two places at one time.
The world is in the palms of my hands.
I control everything from wherever I am.
It doesn't matter where I will be.
I can be there, in an instant.
The press of a button.
I am transported.
Thanks to technology.

That’s me, at work.
When I play, I play just as hard.

When I am home, I am a different being.
I leave work outside my door but I bring the world home with me.
I am offline but I am connected, through my IPOD.
My vibe, my videos, my rhythm, my home essentials.
Never come home without it.

I don’t fuss the small stuff.
I don’t live with big clumsy, furniture either.
Everything has a purpose, a reason.
Clearly conceived, conscious space.
A place to dock my mind.
In the center of the room, a small revolution.
A Wadia 170i.
To dock my IPOD.
Plugged in, music flows immediately.
Crystal clear music through the air.
Rhythm gets my foot tapping.
Every musician comes to life.
A touch of the remote brings the projector to life.
Music video cruising from my Ipod through the Wadia 170i.
Crystal clear digital audio.
High resolution video.
High performance, miniature wonder.
Nothing like home.
Nothing like my Wadia 170i.

I don’t need anything else.

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