March 15, 2010

World's Premier of JZ8

Dang, just like having your dream girl snatched away by the school's best athlete, before you even confess to her that you like her, someone beats me to the reporting of the World's Premier of JZ8, the latest creation from the pop pop man.

It isn't even reported in the pop pop music blog yet, why this Malaysia Finance guy gets such privileged info from? ;-)

What delightful display of Chinese pop/jazz in the hands of Lydia Chew and Tay Cher Siang! Loving every minute of it! This is going to be a classic, i have a funny feeling.

Whether you like or dislike Maggielurva as an audiophile, blogger or music producer, you can't deny that he has what it takes to propel Malaysian-made audiophile music to the international arena. JZ8 is the culmination of what he knows and what he could do within his means. The album will go very very far. And he still have a few more in the pipeline.

If my hunch is right, JZ8 is gonna sell by the truckload, heck, it will even win awards if ever there are such for audiophile recordings. Already, Love's Tapestry gets voted as "The Best CD of The Month" in Hong Kong's longest-running Audiophile (Fatt Siu Yum Heong) magazine in this March issue.

I hope Big E could get the music player and post it over here!

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