April 16, 2010

Parasound/Egglestone Works Combo Promo!

Whoa! Big on performance at nearly give away prices. Look at the price! We have to do a double take, just to be sure.

Center Circle Audio is now promoting the Parasound Halo pre/power amps and a pair of Egglestone Works Dianne speakers at nearly give away prices! I remembered the Egglestone Works speakers alone comes with a sticker price of nearly RM$10K.

Guys and gals, if you've thinking about getting in to high end audio, consider no further! I don't think there's quite another hifi package as slick as this! Do your selves a favour, end your misery. Go and audition the combo promo.

I've been told that this offer is time limited and subjected to stock availability, so please hurry and call Center Circle Audio, Sky Wong, tel:03-77282686 for audition appointment.

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