April 5, 2010

PS Audio Xstream Statement SC Power Cable.

The multi gauge, crossed weaved with damping and sheilded PS Audio Xstream Statement SC.

Like I said earlier, buying pre-onwned cables can be a great way to pinch those pennies!

Here is one that I bought recently.

I was putting the PS Audio Perfect Wave 10 through it's paces. I came away highly impressed by it's performance. I am not ready to spend RM$3K on a power cable yet.

During the PS Audio Perfect Wave 10 review process, I borrowed a PS Audio Xstream Statement SC, which is the predecessor and by now obsolete product from a buddy, for comparison purpose. The good chap didn't mind, err...... in fact he was just as keen to find out!

Another look at the power cable.

The PS Audio Xstream Statement SC looked and felt very much like the latest Perfect Wave 10, except which it uses a less up market looking plugs at both ends with chrome plated contacts. All I can say is, the performance levels of the older cable is very nearly 90% of the latest model. A look up at the latest used hifi clssifieds(a.k.a. Hifi4sale, see our link on the right side panel) at the time, I spotted 2 pcs of the PS Audio Xstream Statement SC being advertised by an individual, and get this, the asking price was just a little over 1/3 of the new cable, at RM$1.1K!

I bought both the cables with a small discount and came away pretty happy with my purchase. When plugged in to my system the PS Audio Xstream Statement SC replaced my existing AOR Reference 003 on duty powering both my CD player and phono stage. All I can say is the system noise floor was further reduced, sound stage back grounds darkened further, and bass response is beefier. Go read the complete review of the PS Audio Perfect Wave 10 review dated 20th February 2010 on this blog site to get the fuller idea of the sonic signature on offer.
3 generations of PS Audio power cables in a row, from left, Perfect Wave 10, Xstream Statement SC and lastly, Xstream Plus.

90% performance at 35% of the price compared against the latest model, who's going to argue with that?

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