April 6, 2010

Raidho Comes To Center Circle Audio.

Exquisite build quality, with sophisticated sound to match! Built with Danish pride and the only the best parts!

Raidho(pronounced Ride Ho), is a recently discovered Danish gem of speaker manufacturing. Two of their high end speaker designs have won Japan's Stereo Sound "Best Buy" Award 2008. The Raidho C-2 is one of the winning design. That's high praises indeed.
The custom made ribbon tweeter, sings like no other!
The back view of the ceramic mid/woofer, note the use of split magnets around the out side for uniform control of the voice coil? This is impressive technical stuff.

Center Circle Audio has recently being appointed their Malaysian distributor and the first product to arrive in the showroom is the Raidho C-2 floor stand speaker. I was mesmerised by the very extended, delicate yet sweet highs, neutral mids and solid bass performance when the Raidho C-2 was partnered to the Parasound JC1 mono blocks and source by the Esoteric X-05 SACD/CD player. The build quality and finishing is some of best I've seen irregardless of price. The Raidho makes all their own custom drivers like the ribbon tweeter and ceramic mid/woofers. All passive x-over parts are point to point soldered on a non PCB base plate and uses the best quality parts like Mundorf Supreme capasitors.

This "best buy" winning speaker design only cost RM$60K or so! Don't freak out, but I'd really urge you to go take a listen, and find out for yourself, the sound of the latest high end "best buy"!

Please contact Center Circle Audio, Sky Wong at tel:012-23371787 for an appointment.

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