July 12, 2010

An Affordable Audio Note System. Now On Demo In Absolute AV Gallery.

Audio Note CD Zero.

"Affordability" is a relative term. Our regular readers will know by now, my skewed(or is it the high end audio's?) sense of the said term. Well if you must, then add Audio Note UK to that insane list! Here's their entry level system and "affordable", by Mr Peter Qvortrup's standards, may I introduce the Audio Note Zero series of components. Now on demo in Absolute AV Gallery in Amcorp Mall.

The CD Zero integrated CD player is made up of a Philips VAM1202 transport, the ubiquitous non-over sampling TDA1543 DAC chip set, and a 6111WA based tube output section.
Audio Note I Zero integrated amp.

The tube based(what else do you expect from Audio Note?) I Zero integrated amplifier is an 8W design using ECL82 triode/pentode operating in class A/B mode.

Audio Note AZ Two speakers, front and back view. Interesting design that deserves to be heard.

Rounding up the demo system is a pair of AZ Two high efficiency speakers. The 93db sensitivity speaker design is based on an 8 inch driver and tweeter pairing, operating inside what seems like a semi OB(Open Baffle) and transmission line combo box.

How much does this afford able system cost any way? If you have to ask, according to Ong, the whole system on demo cost a little over RM$20k, excluding cables.

Best to call Absolute AV Gallery, Ong at 012-3210488 for an audition appointment, to avoid disappointment.


mikelau.2 said...

Hi Big E,

Why are you not reviewing the cd zero ??

Big E said...


Do you want me to?

nibongese said...

Hi how much is the AZ Two speaker? Have u listened the demo? Does the 8 watt Integrated amp powerful enough to drive the speaker?

Big E said...


I was told the AZ Two speakers retails for just RM$5k plus.

I heard the demo system, which I felt comfortable enough to write a recomemdation for our readers to make a point to go for a listen.

The partnering 8W Audio Note amp had enough juice to power the speakers, with caveat that unless one has a very big listening room, or likes to listen to music extra loud.

The Audio Note set up is more suitable for vocals, jazz, classical chamber and acoustic music.

ANfans said...

When comparing the pair of AZ-2 to AN-K (probably next up in the product line but only AN-K is a bookshelf size), does AN-K make a whole lot difference? Which one is more preferable?

Big E said...


For request, I think it will mostly depend on your room size and amplifier power.

If you've got a big room, the the floor stander can give a more room filling sound. However, if you've got a smaller room, than the floor stander may overwhelm the room with it's bass output.

In small rooms, a high quality, i.e. higher range book shelf will always be prefered over floor standers.

Just my personal opinion, and hope it helps you with your decision making. The best is go and listen before you buy.