July 16, 2010

KLIAV 2010, Audio Guru Guest List.

It's another week before the KLIAV 2010 show, I have compiled a list of possible audio gurus and designers attending the show.

Confirmed list:

1) Robert Suchy, representative of Clearaudio
2) Franck Tchang, representative of Acoustic Systems International
3) Jim Thompson, representative of Egglestonworks
4) Joseph Ki, representative of the Malaysian Chapter, LS3/5A

Unconfirmed list:

1) Micheal Bladelius, representative of Bladelius
2) Hans Ole Vitus, representative of Vitus Audio
3) TS Lim, representative of Diva Audio

There may very well be others coming too! KLIAV 2010 is the place to meet your audio gurus.

See ya!

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