July 23, 2010

KLIAV 2010 Pre Show Sneak Peek. Let The Show Begin.

The KLIAV 2010 show organisers, have gracefully allowed me to do a pre-show sneak peek yesterday and some of what you can expect from the show. The show starts today!

Here are some show highlights and latest gear of interest!
24 hours ago. The main foyer at the Starhill rooms are still being prepared for the show!
CMY Audio Visual goes big on Clearaudio galore this year, presenting the full range of turn tables and accessories available, bar the "Statement" table.

Perfect Hifi debuts the Audio Research Reference Anniversary pre amp! This is a shockingly good sounding piece of equipment partnered with Goldmund power amps and Wilson Sasha speakers to match.

Another demo system from Perfect Hifi, featuring ARC CD Reference 8, Pass Labs XP-20 pre amp and X-600.5 power amps. Speakers are Kef Reference 207/2.
Guess who's back? It's Linn, presented by Perfect Hifi! This is Linn Klimax 350 speaker powered by full Linn Klimax range of amps and Klimax DS music server.

The Linn Klimax electronics.

More updates coming in sans pictures:

A&L Audio Station presents the VTL tube amplifiers in the form of TP6.5 pre amp and MB450 Signature power amps powering a pair of Dali speakers.

AV Designs will be featuring the latest TAD CR-1 stand mount monitors and TAD electronics, all powered by a Torus Power RM16A PLC. Demo is to be held in the main Pioneer room, NOT the usual AV Designs Starhill room(that's for AV only, I am told, but it's a still must visit as they do some of the most stunning AV systems around).

Sweedish Statement, via Audiomatic will be showcasing the latest EAT Forte turn table, powered by Vitus amplifiers and Marten Heritage Getz speakers.

Audio Note Malaysia and The Absolute Sound will team up to show case Meridian CD player, with FM Acoustics amplifiers powering Avantgarde horn speakers.

We will be there covering the KLIAV 2010 show reports.

Especially for hifi fanatics up north in Penang, for what ever reason if you cannot make it to the KLIAV 2010 show, fret not. CMY Audio & Visual has not forgotten about you. Franck Tchang of A.S.I. will be doing an "Experience Sharing" product demo at the CMY Audio & Visual Penang showroom, starting from 6.00-8.00pm, Monday, 26th July 2010. Finger treats and refreshments will be served at the casual event.

See ya all at the KLIAV 2010 show.

Be there or be square!

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