August 21, 2010

Malaysia Boleh or Tak Boleh?

2V1G - the audiophile album that put Malaysia on the map of one of World's Best Chinese Audiophile music labels

Have you been listening to 2v1g's latest album in local Chinese radio station 98.8?

Yes, we become the first audiophile album in the world that gets played in mainstream radio station!

At the same time, check out the pre-order frenzy in taiwan.... Pop Pop Music is taking Taiwan's audiophile music market by storm!

CD Rama, our biggest retailer in Malaysia commented: "We realize the quality difference between Pop Pop Music's releases and other Chinese audiophile labels. Pop Pop's has so much better recording and artistes of international standards! "

The new album will be out next week, 25th August!

你們有聽到 988 極力推薦 2v1g 的最新專輯嗎?

這次21vg 得到主流媒體的眷顧, 是發燒音樂界史無前例, 前所未有的, 我們感到很欣慰!

大眾書局 CDRAMA 也很肯定我們的專業。 他們說:【Pop Pop Music 專輯的錄音很有質感, 歌手又非常棒, 是中文發燒音樂的佼佼者!】

臺灣已開始了預購的熱潮!Pop Pop Music 已成為臺灣發燒友的品牌!

Like a lot of Hi-Fi Dealers, I am on Pop Pop Music's mailing list. I constantly receive a lot of encouraging emails like the above with regards to their achievements in overseas markets like Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. If you read Taiwan's Audio Art and Hong Kong's Audiophile magazine, all their albums get very positive reviews from the reviewers.

The latest news, that 2V1G manages to break into mainstream market, is greatly encouraging. Ask yourself, apart of Cai Qin (even Cai Qin is hardly heard in Malaysia's Chinese radio stations), who else manage to do that?

I know ML's struggle very well. He confides in me that despite achieving all these accolades overseas, certain audiophiles in Malaysia still hold "local products" with disdain. He recounted one incident in Amcorp Mall when a Chinese audiophile, seemingly enjoying the Love's Tapestry album, when told by the Hi-Fi Dealer that "It is a Malaysian product", he quickly put that away and showed disinterest on his face. ML was disheartened.

ML knows this is something he can't change overnight. He accepted it as being a stigma with anything Made-In-Malaysia. After all, Fish Leong, Guang Liang (Michael Wong) and Gary Chow (Cao Ge) didn't made it in Malaysia. They made it in Taiwan and only gained respect in Malaysia upon return.

However, being the fighter he is, he is not discouraged. He believes one day his music label will hold a very high position among the world's top audiophile labels.

Today is 2V1G+JZ8 double bill concert. Another achievement to show that audiophile acts can hold sell-out concerts.

Malaysia boleh or tak boleh?

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