August 30, 2010

National Day From A Hi-Fi Perspective

What has Hi-Fi got to do with Malaysia's National Day?

Not much, except that the creator in this guy from Pop Pop Music thinks even patriotic song can be recorded in the audiophile Hi-End manner!

There's no stopping Maggielurva from turning the audiophile music genre upside down with his latest exploits on Malay Jazz classics, played by the most talented musical family in Malaysia, The Solianos.

"Tanah Pusaka" (Land of Heritage) was written by Ahmad Merican, a living music legend now in his 80s. The original tune is somber and serious but melodious nevertheless. It is often sung in place of "Negara-ku" as an alternative national anthem. Now the Solianos really turned it upside down with swing+ jazz arrangement! Totally awesome and wicked!

We heard news that the video has won thunderous applause from many quarters in Malaysia.

Fellow Hi-Fi kakis, here's "Happy Merdeka Day" to all of you!


Pet Shop Boys said...

Ok sir, this is a basic question for u.

Why hi fi is so expensive?

Big E said...

Pet Shop Boys,

I love that duo too!

But there's so much hifi in the market. Theres budget hifi, mid range hifi and high end hifi. There's also vintage hifi, which is not neccesarrily expensive either.

There's even used hifi too, if you're on a real tight budget. However, I've you think hifi is expensive just based on what you read on this blog, then you're very, very wrong.

We just choose to focus on the high end sector by choice. There are other resources for budget hifi, if you looks at our links on the left hand panel.

How's that for a not so basic answer?

Pet Shop Boys said...

very well then. Thanks a lot :)

yes the duo is cool eh? lol