September 2, 2010

Check Out The ATC SCM100 Active Speakers, Now On Demo In Hi-Way Laser.

ATC SCM100 Active speakers. These are big boys toys, are you man enough to handle it?

Our friendly blogger, Lam Seng Fatt of Hifi-Avenue is an ATC speakers fanatic. I saw the ATC SCM100 pair of speakers in crates at the Hi-Way Laser SS2, PJ showroom. A few days later, it's arrival was announced on his blog.

A friend of mine immediately went over for a listen, and called me very excitedly, about the best ATC pair of speakers he'd heard! And when I say this guy is hard to please, you must believe me too! There he was, this hard to please friend was raving about this new toy in town that he could have gotten, if only he had not spend all his $$$ on a pair of high end mono block power amps, during the KLIAV! Hifi Shows can make one do impulsive things. Ha!Ha!

What's so special about the pair of ATC SCM100 Active speakers you ask? Well, let's just say that even if one has no means or intention to get it, I believe it's still a worth while trip to meet Kenny and ask for a demo, that is a model of "spatial dimensionality". The demo speaker pair was sourced and pre amplified by Ayre electronics.

If you're really serious, you can call Kenny at 019-2813399 to avoid disappointment.

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