September 18, 2010

Perfect HiFi Host Linn Digital Down Loads Demo.

Gilad Tiefenbrun and the full Linn Klimax system on demo.

Gilad Tiefenbrun was in town two days ago to demo the latest on the digital down loads front. The event, held at Perfect HiFi's Bangsar avant garde lifestyle decorated theme show room was well attended.

The all Linn demo rig comprised of the Klimax DS music streamer, feeding off a hard disk server, controlled via the latest fad called iPad. A Linn Klimax Kontrol pre and Klimax 500 power amp combo powers a pair of Klimax 350 speaker with full Nordost cable loom making up the rest of the system.

The demo, switching between ripped CD at 16 bits comparing against Studio Masters down loads of the same tracks from the Linn Records catalogue was highly convincing in favour of the later medium, sound quality wise. The Studio Masters version of the same tracks showed superior resolution, ambient cues and more 3D like staging and imaging qualities. In fact one of the front row listeners commented that the Studio Masters down loads sounded perhaps equal or better than his Linn LP12 at home!

While food and drinks were served, and I took the opportunity to present Gilad my 10 Qs. Stay tuned for that instalment coming soon.

By the way, this is for some of my audio buddies who refused to go to the event with me, because they had taught Linn was all about the LP12! That shows a long and perceived association with the analog medium which Linn was once famous for, at least in Malaysia.

They were dead wrong and regretted when I told them the demo was to show case the superiority of digital down loads and the latest Linn Klimax DS music streamer and series of component's excellent sound quality. Ha! Ha!

Should one be interested to audition the said Linn Klimax system on demo, please contact Andy Tan at 03-58821693

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