September 5, 2010

Rega Isis Valve CD Player Has Arrived. On Demo Now At Asia Sound Equipment.

The top loading Rega Isis is solidly built.

Ladies & gentleman, the awesome flagship of Rega's CD player range is here. The Isis valve is now on demo in Asia Sound Equipment show room located at 1st floor, Amcorp Mall.
Does the Rega Isis reassembles the Lampizator? He!He!

Roy Gandy was here last month to spread the word about the impending arrival of the Rega RP-1 turn table. At the time, it was so new.... that Rega did not even have a picture of it on their web site. I searched yesterday and now they do! So here's a little eye candy on the new, soon to arrive budget vinyl spinner.
The soon to come Rega RP-1 budget turn table. Roy Gandy said the sound of this vinyl spinner sounds so good, it made the Rega P-2 obsolete!

For enquiries, please call Eddie Tan at 03-79552091.

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