October 3, 2010

AV World At Empire Shopping Gallery.

The AV World showroom at the First Floor of Empire Shopping Gallery.

We have a new AV outlet at the Subang Jaya neighbour hood. It's AV World, and located on Lot F33A, First Floor, of the Empire Shopping Gallery. They can also be contacted at 03-56219122. Well, actually they are not new at all, as AV World used to be located in Subang Parade for a few years, before moving to the present location, "for better visibility" said the man in charge, Jepson Teoh.
Just some of the speaker brands carried by AV World, Boston Acoustics, Revel and Tannoy.

Empire Shopping Gallery is a new lifestyle and shopping hub in Subang Jaya. AV World, as their name suggest is involved in retailing hifi, home cinema and custom install projects of ambitious AV rooms.
The corner dedicated to cables, head phones and other audio related accessories.

Some of the brands they carry include Marantz, Denon, Cambridge Audio, Mordount Short, KEF, Scandyna and Tannoy. Their house brand is Atlantic Technology speakers and sub woofers. They also carry a wide range of display panels and projectors to meet today's AV custom install requirements. AV World also has a corner for cables, headphones and other audio related accessories. AV World also retails imported cinema like comfy chairs for custom install purposes.

The general hifi and AV demo area at the reception.

The up market decor showroom has two distinct demo areas. The general hifi and AV demo area at the reception and a sample custom built home cinema showcase, complete with the necessary sound damping panels, auto mood lighting systems and a full scale big screen projector based AV system of course!
You're now entering the custom install world of home theater.

Atlantic Technology System 8200e tower speaker(left) and Tannoy DC 6 speaker(right). Take your pick!

The Atlantic Technology System 8200e center chanel speaker and the selection home theater hardware available.

Atlantic Technology SB series sub woofer on demo.

The comfy cinema like chairs, complete with built in cup holders!

The custom install home theater showroom also has auto mood lighting system installed.

The man in charge, Jepson Teoh. By the way, he's one of our many supportive readers!

There's practically everything and anything AV, suitable for all budgets available at AV World, if one is in to home entertainment equipments. If in Empire Shopping Gallery, do drop by at AV World.

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