October 13, 2010

The Future Is Now!

A iPad as system music library interface.

Growing tired of my recent analog only adventures? If so, then let's go back to the future! As I see it, the future is in fact NOW! Here's a sneak peek to a system that I am about to post on the next home visit topic.
The Apple iTunes excellent presentation scheme.

I had not very long ago being on the cautiously skeptical camp, when it comes to media servers and as this system owner so eloquently calls it "computer audio". But since my post last month, questioning "The End Of Days For The Physical Media?" has prompted many to ask me what had caused me to view the subject matter more favourably now?
A Mac Mini for processing power!

The answer lies in this super high end music system, which once experienced, will forever change one's opinion. I've counted and this system has so far changed 3 very high end audiophile's perception towards "computer audio"!

Don't go away if you want to know why!


Hasegawa said...

looks cool to me

Drubb said...

This should be most interesting. I am also looking into computer music but not sure whether to go the Mac or PC way. A friend had demoed the Bel Canto USB 24/96 Link in my system and I found the results fascinating. We are now working towards the Firewire route as well.