October 25, 2010

Kimber Kable Loom

Many of you must have heard this by now - hooking up your systems with cables from only 1 brand, also called a cable loom, will give you better sound. Nordost is a strong advocate of this (perhaps the originator even?). Our fellow blogger, Lam Seng Fatt of hi-fi avenue, also tested this with MIT cables and reported positive results.

We are also going to investigate this here too. Big E collected an entire set of Kimber Kable from Hi-Way Laser for this test, enough to link up an entire system, starting from the mains supply, going all the way to the loudspeakers. And I got this tasty assignment.

Kimber Kable galore:
left: KS3033 speaker cables (RM10,470/8ft pair);
top right: KCAG balanced interconnects (RM3,470/m pair);
bottom right: PK14 powercord (RM850/6ft) and PK10-Gold powercord (RM1,490/6ft)

Kimber Kable PK-14 (14 gauge powercord), I'll use them on the CD player and pre-amp

Kimber Kable PK-10-Gold (10 gauge powercord).
This thicker powercord will be hooked up to my monoblocks

Kimber Kable KCAG silver interconnects.

Kimber Kable KS-3033 speaker cables comes with the best cable packaging I have ever encountered, a genuine Pelican carrying case.

I hope to report on these cables individually and as a cable loom if time permits.

Kimber Kable is available from Hi-Way Laser. Contact Kenny 03-7873.8325; 019-281.3399 .

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