November 30, 2010

Music Carrier Of The Future? Part 2.

Go to to find out more about these hi rez recordings available in USB format.

After digging around, I've found that Cardas has started selling USB format hi rez pre-loaded music content.(ML, now you can sell your hi rez music content in this format?) This is trully the start of a new dawn.

Is the rest of the music industry ready to join the new digital format in hi rez?

Why am I so excited about the USB as a music carrier?

Just hang on a bit more to find out soon........


Hasegawa said...

Usb is so common these days but I dunno when this culture will be brought into Malaysia and accepted in Malaysia music industry

Big E said...


Yes, USB may be common in the west, but I've yet to seen any action here.

Perhaps you can share other links that you know sells hi rez music in the USB format?

However, I think we're gonna see more USB action soon, I hope.

Hasegawa said...

Heard of the rumors of the usb carrier for music but didn't search for its details. I know Apple is doing the same but for the devices' drivers.

redscouser said...

Link above mentions First Impression Music will be bringing out 24/176.4 music files on a USB card. nothing on fim web site as yet.