November 29, 2010

Music Carrier Of The Future?

Yes folks, it's the ubiquitous thumb drive or USB stick. No joke! As a matter of fact, any USB compliant hardisk drive will do, but you'll need SSD(Solid State Drives) to get seriously good results. Me and a few other buddies have just experienced a new audio nirvana, in fact the experience was so out of this world, one remarked it was like as if he had visited the Messiah and back! By the way, if you need to know, this was coming from a fellow Linn LP12 turn table owner.

Welcome to the age of hi rez down loads and SSD data storage technology. And just in case you're asking, what has all this gotta do with the Apple iPad?

Well, the iPad is just an optional interface, or the icing on the cake! It's that indispensable bit that makes hi rez down loads so...... very sexy and the user experience ergonomically complete.

Stay tuned! More to come..........

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