November 5, 2010

PMC Fact 8 Is HiFi-Choice's Loudspeaker Of The Year 2010!

HiFi-Choice Chief Editor Dan George presenting the prestigious award for "Loudspeaker Of The Year 2010" to Pete Thomas of PMC.

Yep! Folks, this kinda validates my purchasing decision for the PMC Fact 8 loud speakers, irregardless what my peers would say about it.

The PMC Fact 8 is the ground breaking model from PMC launched late last year and has been winning a string of hifi accolades and awards, plus plenty of highly positive reviews, including mine. One can say that the Fact series speakers represents the DNA for future PMC speaker models to come.

I have lived with a pair finished in rich walnut veneer for more than half a year now, and am still amazed by it's musical and hifi capabilities each listening session. Over the last few months, the highs have mellowed a little and the tweeter have now settled in nicely. The 5 inch mid drivers have hit it's bump stops a few times when I got carried away by some techno and rock music. No big deal, the Fact 8 can take a whole lot of abuse by freaky audiophiles and over enthusiastic music lovers alike.
The PMC Fact 8 loudspeakers, just in case you have forgotten how it looks like.

I can't imaging my self living with another pair of speakers for a long while to come, but if there's a single regret about my purchase decision is that I committed just a little too early! The weakening British Pound has caused the local dealer, AV Designs to re-price the latest batch of PMC Fact 8 speakers. It now list for retail at RM$25,500.00/pair. That's almost a 15% price reduction today compared to what it retailed for earlier this year!

If that's good news for you because you've been eyeing for a pair, then call James at AV Designs at 03-21712828 to deal. Congrats to PMC on the success of the Fact 8.


tan said...
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Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...


Big E, 15% for a year of bliss is peanuts lah....hahaha...

I am just glad my ears were not that far off the mark when I heard the Fact 8 for the first time... :-)


kiarch said...

The news did not come as surprise! Well deserved recognition.

Congratulations to PMC.