December 28, 2010

Customised Your New Focal Speakers.

The latest Utopia III series speakers now not only great sound, but comes in any colour of your choice.(the front baffle would still be piano gloss black finished, but the 2 side panels are only limited to your imagination!)

Asia Sound Equipment, the local distributor for Focal speakers tells me that buyers of the Utopia III and Elektra 2 range is now allowed to customised their units.

Focal will allow discerning customers of the two ranges to express their individuality by allowing any choice of automobile gloss finishes(you'll need to provided the automotive manufacturer's paint codes to Focal, or if it's a non standard colour, then you'll need to provide a small quantity of wet sample). Now imaging your latest Focal Utopia Skala speakers in Ferarri Yellow! Or the Elektra 1028 speakers with a customised message?

The Elektra 2 series speakers uses very similar drivers to the flagship Utopia III series, but packaged in a more conventional enclosure.

Focal will also allow another area for customization. It's the aluminium tweeter panel on the front baffle, which Focal will allow one to engrave his/her personalized message, or just to name your pair of speakers, to make it that much more special.

One more feature, due to be incorporated in to all Focal Utopia III series speakers manufactured from 1st January 2011 is the use of an RFID chip(of which every speaker will have one embedded within it's beautiful cabinet) like technology to secure identification and speaker origins by use of a hand held scanner, which all of Focal's authorised dealers will be equipped. This is to safe guard the interest any potential buyer of the latest Utopia III model, new or used, by allowing each speaker to be readily identifiable of origins and authenticate it's ownership history.

The best part of all is that all these extra value added services will cost you nothing, when you buy a pair of the Utopia III or Elektra 2 series speakers now.

Call Eddie Tan at Asia Sound Equipment, 03-79552091.

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