December 4, 2010

Excellently Made - Kimber Kable KS-3033 Loudspeaker Cables

With the Kimber Kable KS-3033 loudspeaker cables in my system, the cycle was finally complete.

I have progressively moved from Kimber’s power cords (PK14 and PK10 Gold), to its interconnects (KCAG) and now its loudspeaker cables, the KS-3033, to complete an all-Kimber installation.

The KS-3033 is the entry model in the Kimber Select loudspeaker cables range. In the 3-series Select cables, the KS-3033 is a copper cable. Going higher, you’ll get the KS-3035, a copper and silver hybrid. Finally, the KS-3038, a fully silver loudspeaker cable.

The packaging and the construction of the KS-3033 is the best I have come across among loudspeaker cables, well worth the RM10,470/8tf pair list price. The pair came in a sturdy, padded, genuine Pelican case – way much better than the cardboard boxes and plastic bags that the others came in.

The KS-3033 is a very thick cable, using the description ‘water hose’ will not be inappropriate. The pair came with beautiful WBT bananas on both ends. The cable’s girth, its sheath design and colour, gave it a sort of menacing, macho look.

Hooking them up between my amp and the loudspeakers was no problem despite its size. It was flexible and could be easily routed.

Describing the physical attributes of the cable is easy, describing the sound is more difficult. I mean this in a good way though. The KS-3033 handled the entire frequency spectrum equally well, there was no one area that stuck out. It did not have an overt character anywhere.

With this even-handed temperament, the KS-3033 let the rest of the system speak for itself. Anyone who does not like cable to be a tone control should just check the KS-3033 out.

I believe anyone who moves up to the KS-3033 will be impressed by its supple and tuneful bass, its clear and natural mids and the clean, smooth highs.

My own set of cables was eventually swapped out of the system and the rest of Kimber Kable went in, creating what’s called a “cable loom”.

As expected, and in line with previous experience, there was no matching problem. The Kimber sound was beautifully even. The little treble dryness that I noticed with the PK-14 power cords was there, but was not obtrusive. I’d take it any day compared to, say, an unruly or jangly highs. I believe it was also easily cured if it was not your own cup of tea, exchanging them with the excellent PK-10 Gold will just do it.

In a sea of cable brands where some occupy the ‘smooth and refined’ end, and others go to the ‘big sound and impactful’ end, Kimber Kable occupies the great middle ground. With Kimber, I had the uncanny feeling that I was just listening to the recording and the equipment that reproduced it. Kimber’s cables were just quietly and faithfully passing the music signal on from one piece of equipment to the next.

And that is just how it should be.

Kimber Kable is available from Hi-Way Laser. Contact Kenny 03-7873.8325; 019-281.3399 .

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