December 3, 2010

Experience Stax Ear Speakers, Only At Acoustic Arts!

Stax SR-507 Ear Speakers.

The Stax range of Ear Speakers (a.k.a head phones, of the electrostatic kind!) are an unique experience that every audiophile and music lover should try, if never experienced before.

Their sheer transparency factor and lightning fast transient response is possibly second to none. You can also add sheer beauty of tonal colour, with silky smooth yet airy highs, coupled with rich vocal mid range and boogie woogie bass lines to the equation. If the experience that most head phones gives music inside your head, then the Stax goes just a bit further.

Feed by a Creek Destiny 2 CD source, the Stax package puts the vocal in your head, centered between the ears, then the surrounding musical instruments around the vocal, in an enveloping space just outside the scalp is quite an experience to behold. I heard all that just from the extremely good value model SRS-2170, packaged with dedicated head amp, retailing for less than RM$4k.

Stax SRM-006tS tubed head amp for that "golden tone" sonic signature.

Lawrence of Acoustic Arts tells me that the higher range models like the SR-507, are to die for if one is in to esoteric level of head fi. He said,"when mated to the tubed head amps like the model SRM-006tS(as pictured above), one can enjoy high musical accuracy with the golden tone of tubes!" I did not get to try that out, but hey, if your heart/ears is already set afire, then just call Lawrence at 012-2125708 or 03-80235708 for an audition appointment.
Great sound at great prices! This Stax Ear Speaker can rival hifi speakers many times their price, for sheer sonic abilities, sans the usual sound staging and imaging properties of a pair of speakers in a room.

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