December 7, 2010

Focal Utopia Speakers On Demo, At Asia Sound Equipment.

Focal Skala Utopia.

I've always admired the flagship Focal Utopia series loud speakers. I've been anticipating these beauties to come for months, since Eddie Tan of Asia Sound leaked about their impending arrival.

Well, they're here and on demo in Asia Sound Equipment's Amcorp Mall showroom. A pair of stand mounted Diablo Utopia and another pair of Skala Utopia is on demo. I absolutely loved the sound of the floor standing Skala Utopia! Now if only I had the dosh$$$.
Focal Diablo Utopia.

The flagship, Grande Utopia EM has been sold, and I hope to have a chance to listen and perhaps feature them here later. The owner is indeed a blessed soul for having what is possibly the best speaker in the world today?
Focal Grande Utopia EM.

If you've been waiting for these too, then call Eddie Tan at 03-79552091 for an audition appointment.

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