December 13, 2010

Press Conference For Launch Of Brasileiro Princess Album.

The talents behind the Brasileiro Princess album. From left: Leslie Loh(a.k.a. ML), Z Yan, Stefano, and Cher Siang.

Last Wednesday, 08th December, Pop Pop Music held a press conference for the up coming CD, soon to be available in stores sometime this week, Brasileiro Princess album. I was invited for the fun and got to chit chat with the SYT(Sweet Young Thing) of a princess.

The press get to throw questions for the main production team, comprising ML, Stefano, Cher Siang and the princess in person, Z Yan.
An MC controlling the proceedings on the Press Conference.

Some of the princess's friends were there to lend support and throw in some fun and games. Light snacks and drink were complimentary of Fullhouse restaurant, who hosted the event in the Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara.
A friend of the princess, throwing her some "pretty" difficult questions!

My chit chat, a.k.a. 10Qs with princess Z Yan will be featured in these pages soon. Stay tuned.

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