December 17, 2010

Raidho Acoustics at Centre Circle Audio

Centre Circle Audio has recently acquired the distributorship for Raidho Acoustics, a Danish high end loudspeaker brand.

Their first shipment promptly sold out, the second shipment recently arrived, consisting of 3 models in Raidho's C-series - C1.0, C2.0, C3.0. Raidho uses ribbon tweeter and ceramic midrange/woofer drivers on all their C-series models.

Left - Raidho C2.0; Freq resp: 40Hz-50kHz; Sensitivity: 89 dB 2.83 V/m; List:RM50,000
Right - Raidho C1.0; Freq resp: 50Hz-50kHz; Sensitivity: 88 dB 2.83 V/m; List:RM33,500 with original stand

Left: Raidho C-3.0 - Freq resp:30Hz-50KHz; Sensitivity: 90 dB 2.83 V/m; List: RM90,000

I had a brief listen with the C2.0 paired with Parasound electronics when CCA first brought them in a few months ago. It was an instantly impressive sound. Very balanced, neutral, refined and smooth, yet capable of excellent dynamics.

The distinctive ribbon tweeter on all Raidho C-Series models

Don't miss out, go down to Centre Circle for a listen now.

Contact Centre Circle Audio, Ph: 03-77282686; Nelson Chia 012-2876807; Sky Wong 012-3371787

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