January 17, 2011

Best Music 2010.

This is the final instalment of our Best of 2010. You could say that I've saved the best for last, after all, all our prized high end audio equipment would have amount to a nought, if there's no beautifully recorded music for us to appreciate!

Most of my musical diet in 2010 is still consumed in the CD format, and some on vinyl(re-issues mostly). As the audiophile music landscape evolves towards hi-rez down loads, how much longer will CD remain as the dominant format? Only time will tell, but as we go along, here are my top 5 favorite music, so happened they are all on the vulnerable CD format, enjoy!

This Linn Super Audio Collection Vol. 4 has become my current favorite reference disc, not only because of it's pristine recording quality, but also musical integrity above all else. It's quite nearly the most complete reference disc available with a wide range of music genre, from girl guitar, female/male vocals, Jazz and various sub categories of Classical music, from choir, solo piano, chamber to large scale orchestra spectaculars.

Jz8 is still my favorite Pop Pop Music release to date. Caters mostly to more matured audiophiles with a taste of Jazz oriented Chinese pop music. Many have complained of a slightly bloated double bass on the recording, but on a well sorted out system, that's not a problem. Tey Cher Siang is a hugely talented young pianist that truly deserves our support. A genuine case of "Malaysia Boleh" at work here!

When ever I play Charly Antonili's Crash CD/LP(yes, I have both! The LP has been recently re-issued) on my system, people really sit up and listen in awe, song after song! Here's a drum kit focused recording that's musically relevant as much as it is an audiophile test disc. This CD will take one's system dynamic and transient handling abilities to the max! Are you sure your system can handle it?

Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances, conducted by Eiji Oue featuring Minnesota Orchestra is one of my favorite Reference Recordings. This recording not only captures all the dynamic crescendos of the performance, but also all the tonal beauty & harmonic richness and timbral texture of every individual classical instrument. There's never a dull moment on this CD, as I am thrilled by the roller-coaster like dynamic swings of the opening Non Allegro one moment, yet only to find my self appreciating the instrument's beauty of sound on the next slower Andante con-moto movement. The 24/192 hi-rez down loads version is now available too!

Brasileiro is the pretty and petite Z Yan singing Chinese pop tunes with a twist of Bossa. The music is easy going and certainly easy to like. The recording quality is also Pop Pop Music's best to date. Z Yan is also supported by a stellar cast of excellent musicians, like the above mentioned Tey Cher Siang on piano, Roger Wang guitar, and finally Salvador Guerzo saxophone.

Finally, I'd like to wish all our readers to "Enjoy The Music!"

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GCK said...

Big E IMO I think Love Tapestry is better in terms of sound quality compared to JZ8. Love Tapestry is the one to use if I want to tune the system sound because it is so pure and direct . No ajinomoto so to speak . In terms of contents both are very good and enjoyable . Love Tapestry gets my vote.