January 22, 2011

A Fond Farewell To My Marantz CD7.

My Marantz CD7, now gone! But I hope it'll find the new home of ARC Reference amps as it's partners ever more fulfilling.

A few days ago, I've made a fate full decision, which may well come back to haunt me in the near future. I've decided to let go my ever faithful Marantz CD7 player. I was pretty sure it was the right thing to do, but today, as it's new cheerful owner, Mark(please take good care of the CD7) brought it out of my house and in to his car, I started to have second thoughts about my decision.

My love for the Marantz CD7 started the very day it was launched during 1999. When my buddy bought this unit in 2001, I was secretly hoping that one day, he'd up grade and it'll be mine. That very day in year 2006, my prayers were answered. From that day onwards, the CD7 had re-shaped my view and expectations of what is possible with digital music reproduction at the high end. It thought me much about that warm beguiling tonality, richness in timbre and harmonic texture, the experience of utter transparency and low noise floor. It's was a journey of discovering high end digital delight!

My audiophile life with the Marantz CD7 was mostly sweet, with only 2 occasions of sadness. The first occasion happened a little more than a year ago, when it's transport broke down, and was nearly destined for the scrap heap. Vultures were already circling over head, waiting to cannibalise it's carcass. I preserved and found a parts donor in the most unlikely Philips CDM12.4 transport. The Marantz recovered quickly and I was never happier. During it's time with me, the Marantz met with plenty of challenges from newer, better high end CD players, but my heart was never in doubt for it's capabilities. The other occasion of sadness is today, when it left my man cave.

It never crossed my mind, that I would one day make the cruel decision to abandon the Marantz CD7. Never until the un-expected arrival of hi-rez down loads. Hi-rez music files just made CDs seemed so archaic. After the brief fling, I could no longer return to CDs as an audiophile music format.

I am not sure if what seemed like a right decision today may well turn out to be so...... wrong tomorrow, that if I am gonna regret it?

Only time will tell.


HS said...

WOW! Looking forward to the disposal of your 2000 over CDs!

mikelau.2 said...

No regrets my friend.

You made a wise decision.

Your TT may be next heehee

The Wise One said...

No lah, just look forward. Everyone have their own beliefs, just as you have. Since you have moved on to the new digital media, your next step should be to clear your room of all those equipment and speakers and get back some extra cash. Go and get yourself a pair of those high end surround earphones with noise canceling functions and you are now fully part of the new generation. Listening to the new media format don't need the dinosaur generation of turntables, amplifiers and bulky speakers, right? The missus will also be very happy to get back the original bedroom. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Big E,

Getting Rid of the CD7 has just made room for the TAD-D600 CD Player! Or even the Linn CD12.

The TAD-D600 CDP is just too awesome not to want it.

The Wise One said...


From your listening experience, in what terms are the Tad D600 and Linn CD12 different and much better than the Marantz CD7? Faster? Weightier? More transparent? Warmer? More analogue? And comparing while playing the normal pop and rock cds or just audiophile stuffs?

Big E said...


Thanks for all the encouragement for stepping in to the world of computer audio, even though I am much un certain my self.

TWO, go listen to the TAD D600 CD player for your self. It's nothing short of phenomenal, if one can afford it?

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...


They are just different.

Speaking specifically for the TAD-D600, the drive is where it very obviously excels above the rest, among other areas.

Like Big E, the CD7 is also one of my favourite CDP of all time.

The Wise One said...

How much do the TAD-D600 CDP cost? If it is double, triple or more than many times the price of the Marantz CD7 (now SA7), then no need for comparison lah.