January 20, 2011

PMC MB2-XBD Speaker Launch At AV Designs.

The PMC MB2- XBD Active Speaker System.

The high end speaker market is getting really interesting lately, with more and more six figure price tag candidates jostling for position in the market place. The latest to make it's appearance is the PMC MB2-XBD active speaker system. We'd call it a system because it consist of a pair of main speakers, a pair of sub woofers(PMC calls them woofers as they only supplant the main speakers which already extends down to 17Hz!), a pair of 3 way electronic cross overs, and 2 pairs of mono block Bryston amps which are modified by PMC to suit the system's requirements.
Andy explaining some of the finer features on the MB2-XBD speaker system.

Andy Duffield, PMC's Sales Manager, ROW(Rest Of World, just in case you're wondering!) was on hand to point out the MB2-XBD speaker system's advance features and provide a little bit of PMC's professional legacy in the recording studios around the world. He also pointed out the major studios in the world which uses PMC speakers for the purpose of monitoring recordings. Andy also introduced several highly successful musicians, all legends in their own right that insist only on PMC speaker systems in their studios and home audio systems.
Recognise any of these folks? The gurus of high end audio in Malaysia amongst the prospective buyers and three members of the press.

The supporting cast! When one purchase the PMC MB2-XBD Active Speaker System, one gets the Bryston supplied 3 way electronic x-overs and 2 pairs of mono block amps, plus all the necessary cables to go, especially match for the system. That makes it great value for $$$ compared to the traditional passive speaker systems at the similar price range.

The system used to demo the MB2-XBD speaker system consist of the mega buck TAD D600 SACD/CD player, Bryston BP 26 pre amp, and from there onwards the PMC modified Bryston 3 way electronic x-over and mono block power amps take over to power the speakers. A Torus Power RM16A supplies clean, isolated juice to the whole system.
The speaker system is nearly as tall as the 6 footer Andy!

Spot the difference? On the left is the PMC modified 3 way electronic x-over. On the right is the stock Bryston unit!

The 34mm fabric dome tweeter with front dispersion mesh & wave guide, especially engineered for even and wide dispersion characteristics .

The hand laminated dome mid range, which gives the PMC it's smooth, warm and transparent mid range qualities.

The 12 inch sub woofer, built on the Volt supplied spider chassis, to aid high power handling and give better heat dissipating properties.

The sound of the big MB2-XBD speaker system is effortless, will scale dynamic heights with ease and provide life like transient response to the music. It's tonally accurate, with slightly warm mid range and highly refined highs. The bass has a taut and slamming quality that'll challenge any Yankee made speakers at the highest levels. Lastly, it's frighteningly transparent and true to source! I was fortunate enough to stay back a bit and listened to some raw un-mastered, straight out of the console recordings which just blew me away! Andy could point out what the recording engineer was doing as the sound changed slightly song was being played. It was like as if we are in the recording studio console with the jamming musicians!
Andy giving Lam SF of Hifi Avenue a detailed brief of the MB2-XBD speaker system.

The PMC MB2-XBD active speaker is a very different beast altogether, and it's entry in to the high end market serves only to makes us richer for the experience. I must say, those shopping in the super high end category never had it so..... good!

Coming soon, my 10Qs for Andy!

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