March 21, 2011

Ask For Demo? Bladelius Ask Power Amp, Now In Audiomatic.

The Bladelius Ask is one good sounding amplifier, also kind to mother nature.

As the world goes green, the current statement green consumer product that anyone aspiring "greenie" credentials ought to have is a hybrid car. Now high end audio goes hybrid too! In the form of the Bladelius Ask power amp, cosmetically designed to match the absolutely fabulous Embly "silent" digital media player.

The 2 x 165W stereo amp is a hybrid design between the traditional class A/B and class D operation. I had a brief audition of the Ask, sourced by the Embla, powering a pair of B&W 802D and was amazed by it's transparency, refinement, poise and control. In fact, I thought it sounded very much like the bigger 300W Ymer model, only with less specified power. However, I wasn't sure if I was listening to it's class A/B or class D operation at the time, but it sure sounded good regardless.
The impressive build quality inside the Ask.

Remember the Bladelius Embla??? It's so far ahead of it's time then, it's still not beaten today.

The Bladelius Embla has been around for so long, that it's nearly forgotten, but on that very same day, I was glad I got re-acquainted with it again. I also learnt that the Embla also plays FLAC, WAV, amongst computer music files and will support up to 32/192, bits/sampling rates, via it's two USB inputs. I was not in to CAS at the time when I last reviewed the Embla in year 2008, so I did not check out that feature at all then. So it would be nice if you can bring your music files in a USB drive and go audition the Embla and Ask combo.

For audition appointments, call Eugene at 012-3222698.


Wang said...

12 x 165w stereo amp?

The Embla looks really good and futuristic too!

Big E said...


Sorry the for typo error.

Item amended. Thanks for pointing it out.