March 23, 2011

AV Designs Receives Award Of Excellence From PMC.

James Tan of AV Designs receives the Award of Excellence from PMC's head honcho, Pete Thomas.

AV Designs had re-modelled their flagship showroom to accommodate the latest PMC MB2-XDB big momma active speakers. The new showroom is impressively treated, acoustic wise and will present state of the art AV playback available today. PMC's Andy Duffield and Peter Thomas(owner/designer) was invited to present AV Designs an Award of Excellence, to recognise the local dealer's commitment to the PMC brand.
The brand spanking new flagship AV showroom, quite possibly the best AV experience in the region!

We're treated to a presentation dating back to PMC's humble beginnings, narrated live by Pete himself(He must have done it like a million times by now!). Pete is one hilarious fella with what you'd call British humour!
Pete Thomas in an enigmatic moment.

A section of the crowd gathered for the presentation.

Pete Thomas flash back to the 80's in his BBC days.

Some of Pete's dream hifi components back in the 70's. His favorite being the Transcriptor turn table, which was the state of the art then!

PMC's early days was operated in Pete's garage, at the back of his home! Seen here is the company's first speaker R&D prototype the BB1, being taken out for field testing(literally).

One of PMC's very client was the BBC Corporation, of course! Seen here is the first BBC studio install of the Professional Monitor Company(as PMC was known then!)

Guess what??? PMC's first commercial product was actually transcriptor turn tables, made especially for the BBC Corp. Pete says about a dozen of these were made, before the very first speakers.

PMC then decide to invade the domestic hifi market with their first design called the LB1, which is still highly sought after these days!

The presentation ends with a selection of Hollywood blockbuster scenes and some nice concert music material, seen here is Donna Summer(remember her??? She's still smoking hot after all these years!).

After the presentation, we're treated to some sonic delights to highlight the PMC speaker's capability. Needless to say the performance both audio & visual were first rate! Those who attended the event include us bloggers, members of the press and the elite of Malaysian hi-end scene. Lastly, I'd like to extend my warmest congrats to the AV Designs team.
One for the album. A photo session with the AV Design, PMC guys, and clients.

A funky stereo pair! Left chanel is Jo Ki(our local LS 3/5a guru), right chanel is Pete Thomas (PMC speaker design guru) and that's a Fact(8)! Pun very much intended! Ha! Ha! Looks like Pete found his long lost twin here in Malaysia! For a while, I thought the Woodstock lifestyle is back in vogue.

The event continues with a Q&A session with Pete Thomas and followed by a hefty dinner(Odiosleuth will do a pictorial on that). I had a great time asking Pete my usual 10 Qs.

Stay tuned for that to come soon.

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Wang said...

Thanks for the writeup Big E. I regret that I couldn't make it.

Congratulations to Audio Visuals Design S/B for being conferred the PMC Award of Excellence. It is truly an achievement.