March 30, 2011

A Pusaka To Remember! Official Launch Of The Pusaka CD, By Pop Pop Music.

The official launch Pusaka CD last night was a formal black tie affair, held at the newly refurbished Bentley Auditorim, at Wisma Bentley Music. Pak Lah, our gentlemanly fifth prime minister of Malaysia did the honours, and for someone as distinguished as he is, I was actually surprised by his punctuality. No Malaysian timing here!

Leslie(a.k.a. ML to all his hifi buddies), CEO of Pop Pop Music, invited me for the extra ordinary evening of glamour and glitter. If a picture says a thousand words, I thought I'd save my self some typing work! Here's my pictorial of the evening:

The object of the night's celebrations!

The cocktail session. Captains of the Malaysian hifi retail industry are clearly out to show support for Pusaka!

The Pop Pop Man is also very much a ladies man too! Fellow Pop Pop artist Z Yan and Winnie Ho came to add glitter to the night.

The Bentley Auditorium is acoustically treated and has nice ambiance to it. All of us were ushered in to the auditorium at exactly 6pm.

Celebrity MC Mahadzir Lokman has a narrative part in the Pusaka recording, he was also the MC for the night. Tha man can really sing too!

The Pop Pop Man working the crowd, and he confessed that the Pusaka project nearly drove Pop Pop Music and him to the brink of bankruptcy, so he would certainly need your help to buy a few more Pusaka CDs from him. Pak Lah promised to buy 20 copies right away!

Pak Lah congratulating Leslie and the Solianos family a job well done.

One for the album, Pak Lah and three generations of the Solianos in one frame.

The "live" concert begins!

Isabella, Irene & Tricia forming the female harmony.

Conrado Soliano playing horn.

Salvado Guerzo on sax.

Rizal Soliano on drums.

Standing ovation for the performance and a moment of respect for the late Alfonso Soliano, for whom the Pusaka CD is dedicated to.

Pak Lah and his missus, Jeanne endorses the Pusaka CD.

The autograph signing session, the Pusaka CDs were moving like hot cakes after the show!

If you've missed the show, then do your self a favour, and get the Pusaka CD, it's great music performed by superb musicians, that's a guarantee.

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