March 17, 2011

TAD D600 CD/SACD Player, Is Now On Demo, At AV Designs.

The state of the art TAD D-600 CD/SACD player.

The TAD D600 CD/SACD flagship player that so captured our hearts and soul at last year's KLIAV show has finally arrived, and is now on demo at the AV Designs showroom.

I had a brief A/B showdown session between the TAD spinner and the Bryston CAS combo at the showroom, and found that TAD still edge out the Bryston combo on practically every count!!! The TAD D600 has shown me that there's still life to be milked out of those silver disc, so don't abandon them just yet.(Damn, only now I find out!)

For those interested in experiencing state of the art CD/SACD playback, call James/Tony at 03-21712828 for a demo appointment.

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HS said...

Never too late! You could be a Born Again CDphile:-)