April 22, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

This is a very poor quality PET cup. One must hold it around it's top diameter edges to prevent it from collapsing. The ribbed middle section of the cup is too weak to hold. I wish they would stop using this cup and just revert to washable Chinese ceramic tea cups, for the environment's sake. If you recognise this cup, then you'll where I've been to. Ha! Ha!

I've been away for the past few weeks, leaving Odiosleuth to hold the fort here on HiFi-Unlimited with thanks. It's been a few hectic weeks away from my music.

Been away from one's hifi system for such a long time has it's benefits too. Suddenly when I re-started my system again last night, I had never thought my system sounded this good! I think being away allows our ears to take a breather from the sound reproduction quality that we've grown accustomed to and took for granted. We audiophiles are always seeking the last bit of performance from our system and can be insatiable in our quest for better sound quality. Being away stops that quest for a while and allows our ears to be re-calibrated. Once we switch on our system again, our re-calibrated ears allows us to appreciate our system's able qualities that much more than before.

Regardless if you've missed me or not, one thing is sure is that I miss my music, re-produced in high quality audio. That for me, is high end audio at it's best.


sam said...

Shameless exaggerating self compliment

sam said...


GCK said...

Since yr ears recalibrated already, do drop by for a listen on my system :-)

David said...


u are sour grape.

nibongese said...

Hi, may i know what system u are using now?

Eddie said...

when you listen to you hifi and listen only to its good qualities and not the bad ones then you can sleep very well at night.
If you just want to focus on its bad qualities, when you sleep you will get nightmares, haha!

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Welcome back!

The hifi world was gloomy and dull without your grace! Hahahaha...

Now I know when to ask you over for a listen. After you have gone on a long trip!

Big E said...

Hi! I never expected such a warm welcome! Thanks guys.


I must have hit a raw nerve with you?

I was told by a very,very good hifi buddy to love and appreciate your worldy possesions, especially one's hifi. I am merely expressing my feelings of satisfaction after a long absence from my own hifi system.

Would you be any happier if I told you that my hifi system sounds like sh*t?

Ha! Ha!


Yeah, I heard about your impromptu upgrades, even whilst I am away!!! I look forward to hearing your new found joy too! Will try to contact you over the next week or so.


Thanks for understanding my post.


I am using the same system, since I last left. I am merely conveying the fact that I miss my music delivered via my hifi system while I am away.


You're a very wise man!


I always look forward to listening to your system. I can't wait already!