May 6, 2011

Anouncement: Clarity MP Is The Distributor For Mark Levinson And Revel.

In the last few days, some keened eyed reader had picked up on one of our new panel advertisement, placed by Perfect HiFi which featured the products of Mark Levinson and Revel. At the same time, other readers had also called us to enquire about the confusion, as we also ran an Industry Update/Dealer Focus article last month featuring the same brands in Clarity MP.

As we are not sure about the position of the brands our selves, we seek to clarify the matter with all parties involved.

Perfect HiFi was the former distributor for Mark Levinson and Revel products, however, if you visited, they would still have some uncleared stocks of the two brands on display in their showrooms. The said panel featuring the two products have been withdrawn with the kind permission of Perfect Hifi.

Clarity MP is the latest appointed distributor in Malaysia for Mark Levinson and Revel products.

The error is regret able and any confusion caused is clearly un-intentional. We apologise to all parties involved including our loyal readers.

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