April 30, 2011

AVP Soundcraft, Now At Jaya One, PJ.

AVP Soundcraft is now opened in Jaya One, PJ. They represent high end audio brands like Simaudio solid state electronics, Verity Audio speakers, Nagra tube electronics, German Physiks & Canton speakers, Saphire Screens & cables, Acoustic Solid turn tables and lastly Audioplan cables. They are also authorised dealer/installer for Mitsubishi HD projectors.

Waymond Loke, on the left is the Store Manager in charge. There's three dedicated demo rooms within the showroom.

An AV demo room.

The Verity Audio speakers and Nagra combo demo room.

The Nagra tube gear is exquisitely built, with sounds to match too. I am seduced by the glow of the 845 tubes before even the listening had begun.

Left - Right, German Physiks, Canton(made in Germany, NOT China, don't let the name fool ya!) speakers. And the proud standing Acoustic Solid turn table.

The Canton, Simaudio combo demo room.

Simaudio electronics in a row.

Waymond tells me that they only import the RS versions of the Simaudio gear. RS stands for RoHS compliant models, which cost more than their North American counterparts of equal model ranges. So don't expect near American prices(equal to the latest USD$ vs RM$ exchange rates) for local Simaudio gear, but mother earth will thank you for buying the more environmentally friendly manufactured version.

By the way, everything you see in the showroom now are available with a special discount, as a cause for celebrating the showroom opening. My buddy who accompanied me for this assignment was happy with his bountiful hifi bargains hunting galore.

AVP Soundcraft is located at 11-LG-1, Block D, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Contact no. 03-79609733. Do call to enquire for your promotional discount, to avoid disappointment.

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