May 11, 2011

The Cable Search. Wireworld Oasis 6 & Starlight 6 AES/EBU Digital Cable.

The Wireworld Oasis 6(left) & Starlight 6(right) is continuing the evolotion of the respective cable technology.

James provided me with these two sets of Wireworld AES/EBU digital cable to start off my Bryston BDP-1 & BDA-1 combo adventures. I did not want to evaluate them until I had established a certain performance benchmark at the top, in the form of the top range JPS Aluminata.

The Wireworld Oasis and Starlight 6 looks similarly built, but the cheaper Oasis cable is pure copper, while the more expensive Starlight adds silver to the metallurgy. The RM$390/meter Oasis 6 is quite possibly the cheapest AES/EBU digital available in the market, while the red jacketed Starlight 6 is the next model up at RM$790/meter.

Both cables share a warm, dark chocolate like, tonal colour signature, yet brings about a laid back, if somewhat cardboardy flat sound staging and imaging properties. The highs are smooth and largely grain free, which make these Wireworlds non-offending choices. The mid range reproduction is quite dense yet lack the nasal qualities of lesser cables. This is where the similarities end.

We now focus on what the Starlight 6 can do for double money! Compared to the entry level Oasis 6, the Starlight covers more band width, which means the highs and the bass frequencies will extend further at the extremes. With the extended highs, the sound stage sounds less shut in and more open. The extended bass also allows more detail in the lower frequencies to pass thru the speakers(provided the speakers are not the book shelf variety). Transparency factor is also improved somewhat, as I could hear more in to the smaller details of the music coming thru, as a result of lowered noise floor. The Starlight 6 tends to highlight just a shade more dynamic contrast too. The Starlight 6 is no doubt the superior cable of the two, for me and possibly all other owners of the Bryston combo, it's probably the most logical choice if one is on a budget or just starting his/her digital adventure.

On the whole, I am quite impressed with the capabilities Wireworld Starlight 6, given it's relatively affordable price. It has set a respectable performance benchmark for other real world priced digital cables to be compared against in the future.

My search continues.

Wireworld cables are sold by AV Designs, contact James/Tony at 03-21712828.

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