May 18, 2011

Perfect HiFi Offers Sonus Faber Speakers.

Sonus Faber Toy book shelf.

Lusting after those Italian speakers that come with exquisite wood work and cow hide decorated front baffles? You want to enjoy the charismatic warm sound of Sonus Faber? You feel like you can't quite afford them?

Now you can do so without feeling the $$$ pain! Because Perfect HiFi, the local distributor of Sonus Faber is offering the latest Toy, Monitor and Liuto series speakers by up to 30% discount.

The offer is valid from now till end of June 2011, so get em' real quick.
Sonus Faber Liuto floor stander.

The recent slew of hifi sale and promotional offers is making me feel like Father Christmas is here already, even though the actual year end is more than six months away! He! He!

Call Andy Tan at 019-2112566 or 03-58821693 for further enquiries.

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