May 20, 2011

Searching Still, Supra DAC XLR Gold AES/EBU Digital Cable.

Supra DAC XLR Gold AES/EBU digital cable.

Before I start this review, I've a confession to make! I feel the need to let you, my dear readers know about my fondness for Supra cables. In my past experience of using Supra cables have always been more satisfactory. So good actually, that I'd call them budget cable champs!

Lately, Supra cables, made by Swedish company, Jenvin SE has been spiffing up their product appearances and build quality, with use of custom built connectors and trendy blister pack packaging materials. The cable stocks though, seemed largely unchanged. The review sample of 2m length, cost RM$690.00, puts it right in the same price range as the Wireworld Starlight 6.

Supra's website tauts this as an extremely low capacitance cable, which results in fast response. Gold is apparently part of the cable's metallurgy, which is normally associated with refinement.
The custom made XLR connector with gold pins and classy gun metal coated finishing.

The Supra DAC XLR Gold went in to service immediately, replacing the Wireworld Starlight 6 which I reported about earlier. On first listen, the Supra does sound very much similar to the Starlight 6. The same warm, dark chocolate like tonality, with a slightly laid back sound stage presentation. While I would not call the imaging character cardboardy, it ain't exactly 3D in relief from the back ground either(The JPS Aluminata does that 3D thingy, for example)

The Supra has similarly smooth, refined highs, but only more "air" and extension compared to the Wireworld. I couldn't be exactly certain, but perhaps due to the extra extension on the highs, I get the impression of just very slightly better detail retrieval heard through the Supra. It does not have mid range density of the Starlight, by comparison, the Supra being more open sounding. I felt there were however, no notice able difference in the bass area.

In terms of noise floor, both cables are relatively quiet. Wireworld is better at highlighting the music's dynamic contrast.
I feel 2m is too long for standard length, but the cable is soft and pliable.

In the end, I would put both Wireworld Starlight 6 and the Supra DAC XLR Gold digital cables in the same performance level, as both have their strengths and compromises. Which ever one should you choose to buy, is more a matter of personal preference and system matching issues, I suspect. I also know that I want more performance from my digital cable, so my search continues.

Supra cables & accessories is sold by A&L Audio Station, contact Yap(Wah Chai) at 03-79582884.

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