July 31, 2011

KLIAV 2011 Show Babes.

The KLIAV 2011 show been 3 days of intense hifi and nothing else. I am very, very exhausted but a look at these beauties just inspired me to think that this is such a nice way to distract our selves, with a bit of eye-fi, before we start debating about the demos that mattered.

Enjoy folks!

Ms 3D Panasonic

So Fast, So Real.... So Nice!

Ms Mitsubishi

Ms Style Laser, I like her style!

Vividtek twins???

The Entrap oops...! Entreq cable girls

More yummy Panasonic visual aids!

Ms Clarity? She's nice!

Ms Dynamax, certainly very dynamic looking!

The Shure girl next door?

This girl I am very Shure! Ha! Ha!

Odiosleuth is doing his take on the show next!

July 29, 2011

The Night Before KLIAV 2011

Pass Labs and Wilson Audio from Perfect HiFi

Audio Perfectionist's Focal Stella Utopia EM, still wrapped in its protective plastic film. The little box on the floor is the power supply to charge the electromagnet in the bass driver

Focal Viva Utopia centre loudspeaker and McIntosh MC-1.2KW amplifiers

KEF, Krell and Audio Analogue in one of Hi-Way Laser's room

A&L Audio Station's various DALI loudspeakers waiting to be set up

From right, John Yew of CMY, Franck Tchang of ASI System and Big E of HiFi Unlimited

CMY's majestic Dynaudio Evidence Temptation

CMY's display gallery for the brands it carries

AV Designs was in the midst of setting up its AV demo system consisting of electronics from Bryston and loudspeakers from PMC. The spectrophotometer on tripod will be used to calibrate the picture later, as AV Designs always does for all its AV installations

Bryston's SP-3 pre-amp processor making its SEA debut in AV Designs' room

Bargains galore from Tong Lee

Have a great weekend at the KLIAV 2011!

July 28, 2011

A Sneak Peek At KLIAV 2011.

A few pictures to show the amount of effort, work, sweat and tears that goes in to setting up a demo room for the KLIAV show. As of 4.00pm this afternoon, many were still in the midst of setting up their systems, while some were still fine tuning! 

The guys of AVP Soundcraft just barely starting off in their Simaudio/German Physiks room. Looks like no sleep tonight for these guys! 

Trinnov ST 2 DSP room tuning, note the microphone used in the fore ground. Behind is the ATC SCM 50 Anniversary loud speaker, including the ATC SCA 2 pre-amp.

An almost ready Naim demo by CMY Audio and Visual.

This is a mighty fine sounding room as I visited, apparently there's more fine tuning tonight! Looks like CMY Audio & Visual gets Clearaudio set up right this time!

Perfect HiFi's cost no object room! Sonus Faber Amati Futura(floor standing) and Guernari Evolution(stand mounted) was playing some very refined back ground music already. Source and pre-power amps courtesy of ARC Reference series components.

Deck the hollowed halls!  Where's everybody?

Odiosleuth has more pre-show sneak peeks for you. If you're still undecided about attending this show, I sincere hope these picture will help to convince your attendance!

See ya!

Pathos Beauties at Centre Circle Audio

Centre Circle Audio has recently taken delivery of Pathos' newest integrated amplifier models. These Italian beauties are now on demo in its showroom.

According to Pathos, the drop dead gorgeous INPOL2 is built "according to the principles of the INPOL technology, the INPOL2 is constructed as a hybrid with CLASS A amplification (45watt) and an impressively wide bandwidth in a feedback-free layout. The preamplifier is entirely tube-based, balanced and optimized for feeding the mosfet output stage to maximum effect. Tubes are still the best components for amplifying the signal voltage, in order to preserve the harmonic integrity of the input signal

A solid state stage is used to provide high current at low impedance, in order to drive any loudspeaker accurately. The power stage is entirely balanced by the use of two INPOL circuits that are driven in opposite phase to each other, for virtual cancellation of distortion without using any feedback. Large coils are used as energy reserves in order to deliver the current in a fast, effective and precise manner. "

The other integrated amplifier model is the Ethos. It was out of the showroom when I was there, I look forward to see it in the flesh in my next visit.
Pathos says, "The new Ethos™ responds to what has been, for years, lifestyle addicts' dilemma: contemporary design or high-end sound? Based on the acclaimed Pathos hybrid circuit with tube pre stage and MOSFET power stage, this integrated amplifier is capable of 100W per channel. But that's not all. The Ethos™ features the capability of importing 24-bit 96KHz digital signals from Mp3 players, hard discs and other digital devices, and converting them to great music thanks to its built-in Pathos Digit™ D/A converter."

You can audition these Pathos amplifiers in Centre Circle Audio's re-modelled 2-channel listening room. The acoustically friendly room sounds fabulous.

Centre Circle Audio is open during this coming KLIAV weekend on Friday and Saturday. So if you still want more after the show, you can go to Centre Circle Audio.

Contact Centre Circle Audio, Ph: 03-77282686; Nelson Chia 012-2876807; Sky Wong 012-3371787

July 27, 2011

Mario Binner Of Audio Note UK To Attend KLIAV 2011.

A very serious looking Mario Binner.
Wong Tatt Yew of Audio Note Malaysia has informed me that they're displaying a full suite of Audio Note system. As of this time however, he could not quite confirm the equipment model in the system line up.

He continued, "one thing is for sure, we've got Mario Binner, Senior Engineer for Audio Note UK coming to KLIAV 2011!" 

So if you're an Audio Note fan or have some questions as equipment owners, do visit KLIAV 2011 show to get your answers.

The Audio Note room will also feature Voodoo cables and CAS music source, courtesy of an Apple Mac Mini loaded with the full suite Amarra Music Player.

July 26, 2011

Pop Pop Music's Live Unplugged Showcase At KLIAV 2011.

Folks, with 3 days to go before the start of KLIAV 2011 show this Friday, 29th July, show updates are happening fast and furious!

Pop Pop Music will be staging Live Unplugged Showcase, featuring local top audiophile female vocalist like Winnie Ho(2V1G), Z Yan(Bossa Princess) and Lydia Chiew(Jz8). They will be be backed up by live musicians too!

Do note that the showcase is only for Saturday and Sunday of the KLIAV 2011 show only, where there will be 2 sessions for each day. The first will begin at 2.00pm, followed by a 4.00pm session.

Pop Pop Music CDs will also be on sale too.

It's been a long while since we've had audiophile artist grace our KLIAV show. Come support our most successful local artistes to date.

More KLIAV show updates to come as we count down to D-Day!

July 25, 2011

AV Designs at KLIAV 2011

AV Designs is going full Bryston / PMC this year. The system will be used for demo-ing both stereo and 7.1 channel home theatre.

The main highlight is the hot off the production line Bryston SP-3 pre-amp processor. KLIAV showgoers will be the lucky ones as we are the first country in this region to experience the Bryston SP-3 in action.

The loudspeaker system will consist of the award winning PMC IB2i that impressed us so much recently. They will be driven by Bryston 28B-SST2 monoblocks that give out a mind boggling 1000w/8ohm.
To make the surround system complete, there will be the matching IB2i-C for the centre channel, and four PMC Wafers for the surrounds. They will all be driven by Bryston amps too.

The frontend for 2-channel will be none other than the Bryston BDP-1 media player, paired with the Bryston BDA-1 external DAC, by the way this pair is Big E's reference frontend in his system too. You will have the chance to listen to high resolution audio files as well as CD-rips.

For home-theatre, there will be both 2D and 3D demos, shown on a curved 130-inch 2.35:1 format screen from Screen Research. Do not miss the 3D home theatre demo especailly, as it is 3D done in an anamorphic 2.35 widescreen format, not the 16:9 format. We are made to understand that this is something that few if any exhibitor will be showing. This is surely one of the not-to-be-missed highlights in KLIAV 2011.

Video will be done via Pioneer blu-ray players and JVC's entry-level 3D projector, the RS40. To project in 2.35:1 format, an anamorphic expansions lens from Panamorph will be used.

July 24, 2011

CMY at KLIAV 2011

CMY is pulling out all the stops for this coming KLIAV show. Their equipment list is impressive:

Room 7012: This room is dedicated to AV, it consists of:
* Mitsubishi HC-9000 full-HD 3D SXRD projector + Anamorphic Research AR-2 2.35:1 anamorphic lens
*Audio Pro Image Series 5.1 speaker system consists of
-Black Diamond v3 front
-Black Vector v3 center
-Black Pearl v3 surround
-B1.40 250w 10" active subwoofer
*Primare SPA-22 HD AV processor

Room 7016 :
This room is dedicated to digital and streaming audio from Naim:

* Naim Audio Ovator S-400 floorstanding speaker as the main highlight. They will be driven by Naim audio pre-power system.
* Naim audio Uniti-series for digital audio streaming demo
* Audio Pro Living series wireless speaker demo

Room 7018 :
This room is dedicated to vinyl (with something at the digital front too):
* Jeff Rowland Corus pre amp
* Jeff Rowland 625 power amp
* Clearaudio Master Reference turntable with TT-2 & Universal 2 separate tonearms on demo.
* Dynaudio Sapphire loudspeakers
* Metronome CD Player
* Shunyata & Siltech cables
* Big suprise for vinyl / record enthusiasts (more than 1000 records available at unbelieveable prices)

Starhill 3A :
I think this room is best called 'cost no object': :-)
* Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeaker
* Jeff Rowland Criterion pre amp
* Jeff Rowland 301 monoblock power amp
* Wadia CD transport with Wadia 9 series digital computer & mono DAC
* Full range ASI Liveline power cord, inteconnects & speaker cables
* Full range ASI resonators on demo

July 23, 2011

Hi-Way Laser at KLIAV 2011

Hi-Way will demo the ATC SCM50 Active Anniversary loudspeakers These big fellas will be supported by the top of line Ayre DX-5 Universal Player and ATC SCA2 Preamplifier. The ATC SCM50 Active nniversary comes with a total of 350w of amplifier power per side.

While we are still on the topic of ATC loudspeakers, if you are looking forward to landing a good deal on a pair of loudspeakers during KLIAV 2011, you should pay Hi-Way Laser's room a visit. Their ATC loudspeakers, including the SCM9, SCM11, SCM19 and the floorstanding SCM40 will be going for 30% off during the show period.

What is looking interesting is also the Trinnov ST2 HiFi Loudspeaker Room Optimizer. I reckon this should be pretty useful dealing with the usually difficult acoustic environment in the show condition.
In addition to the above, you'll also find MK Sound THX Ultra 2 Home theatre and KEF Q-Series loudspeakers.