July 13, 2011

AVP Soundcraft Presents German Physiks Limited 11 Speakers At KLIAV 2011.

German Physiks Limited 11, only 1000 pairs available worldwide!

AVP Soundcraft will be presenting the latest German Physiks Limited 11 speakers. This is no ordinary pair of speakers but is tauted as the affordable version of the highly popular HRS 120 model! It has all the technology and the appearance of big brother HRS 120, so what gives?

It's the size, of course! The Limited 11(truly Limited to 1000 pairs only worldwide), is smaller and less impossing compared to the bigger HRS 120. It's also slightly plain looking, sans the natural wood finishes or exiciting carbon fibre body of the more expensive big boy, instead you get a navy grey vinyl wrapped body. The Limited 11 is not hexogonal shaped, but is a square tube instead. It's also friendlier to smaller rooms.

The area that it doesn't seemed to compromised is sound! It has all the element of dynamic suprise like it's big brother, with supremely detailed sound. Best of all is the enveloping sound stage, when set up correctly. The real bonus is actually the price too!, Which is rather speacial, you'll have to ask Waymond during the show.

Waymond Loke tells me that the Limited 11 will likely be partnered with Simaudio electronics during the KLIAV 2011 show. This is a must listen!

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