July 24, 2011

CMY at KLIAV 2011

CMY is pulling out all the stops for this coming KLIAV show. Their equipment list is impressive:

Room 7012: This room is dedicated to AV, it consists of:
* Mitsubishi HC-9000 full-HD 3D SXRD projector + Anamorphic Research AR-2 2.35:1 anamorphic lens
*Audio Pro Image Series 5.1 speaker system consists of
-Black Diamond v3 front
-Black Vector v3 center
-Black Pearl v3 surround
-B1.40 250w 10" active subwoofer
*Primare SPA-22 HD AV processor

Room 7016 :
This room is dedicated to digital and streaming audio from Naim:

* Naim Audio Ovator S-400 floorstanding speaker as the main highlight. They will be driven by Naim audio pre-power system.
* Naim audio Uniti-series for digital audio streaming demo
* Audio Pro Living series wireless speaker demo

Room 7018 :
This room is dedicated to vinyl (with something at the digital front too):
* Jeff Rowland Corus pre amp
* Jeff Rowland 625 power amp
* Clearaudio Master Reference turntable with TT-2 & Universal 2 separate tonearms on demo.
* Dynaudio Sapphire loudspeakers
* Metronome CD Player
* Shunyata & Siltech cables
* Big suprise for vinyl / record enthusiasts (more than 1000 records available at unbelieveable prices)

Starhill 3A :
I think this room is best called 'cost no object': :-)
* Dynaudio Evidence Temptation loudspeaker
* Jeff Rowland Criterion pre amp
* Jeff Rowland 301 monoblock power amp
* Wadia CD transport with Wadia 9 series digital computer & mono DAC
* Full range ASI Liveline power cord, inteconnects & speaker cables
* Full range ASI resonators on demo

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