July 31, 2011

KLIAV 2011 Show Babes.

The KLIAV 2011 show been 3 days of intense hifi and nothing else. I am very, very exhausted but a look at these beauties just inspired me to think that this is such a nice way to distract our selves, with a bit of eye-fi, before we start debating about the demos that mattered.

Enjoy folks!

Ms 3D Panasonic

So Fast, So Real.... So Nice!

Ms Mitsubishi

Ms Style Laser, I like her style!

Vividtek twins???

The Entrap oops...! Entreq cable girls

More yummy Panasonic visual aids!

Ms Clarity? She's nice!

Ms Dynamax, certainly very dynamic looking!

The Shure girl next door?

This girl I am very Shure! Ha! Ha!

Odiosleuth is doing his take on the show next!

1 comment:

Ken said...

Thes are the highlights of the KLIAV show. :-)