July 28, 2011

Pathos Beauties at Centre Circle Audio

Centre Circle Audio has recently taken delivery of Pathos' newest integrated amplifier models. These Italian beauties are now on demo in its showroom.

According to Pathos, the drop dead gorgeous INPOL2 is built "according to the principles of the INPOL technology, the INPOL2 is constructed as a hybrid with CLASS A amplification (45watt) and an impressively wide bandwidth in a feedback-free layout. The preamplifier is entirely tube-based, balanced and optimized for feeding the mosfet output stage to maximum effect. Tubes are still the best components for amplifying the signal voltage, in order to preserve the harmonic integrity of the input signal

A solid state stage is used to provide high current at low impedance, in order to drive any loudspeaker accurately. The power stage is entirely balanced by the use of two INPOL circuits that are driven in opposite phase to each other, for virtual cancellation of distortion without using any feedback. Large coils are used as energy reserves in order to deliver the current in a fast, effective and precise manner. "

The other integrated amplifier model is the Ethos. It was out of the showroom when I was there, I look forward to see it in the flesh in my next visit.
Pathos says, "The new Ethos™ responds to what has been, for years, lifestyle addicts' dilemma: contemporary design or high-end sound? Based on the acclaimed Pathos hybrid circuit with tube pre stage and MOSFET power stage, this integrated amplifier is capable of 100W per channel. But that's not all. The Ethos™ features the capability of importing 24-bit 96KHz digital signals from Mp3 players, hard discs and other digital devices, and converting them to great music thanks to its built-in Pathos Digit™ D/A converter."

You can audition these Pathos amplifiers in Centre Circle Audio's re-modelled 2-channel listening room. The acoustically friendly room sounds fabulous.

Centre Circle Audio is open during this coming KLIAV weekend on Friday and Saturday. So if you still want more after the show, you can go to Centre Circle Audio.

Contact Centre Circle Audio, Ph: 03-77282686; Nelson Chia 012-2876807; Sky Wong 012-3371787

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