July 21, 2011

Swedish Statement / Audiomatic / Ultimate Reference at KLIAV 2011

In Swedish Statement / AudioMatic room 835:

Audiophile grade music streaming via NAS (network attached storage) will be demo'ed. You'll be able to see the new Bladelius USB DAC in action.

* Accepts data up to 24 bit/192 kHz
* USB powered
* Asynchronous USB transfer, re-clocking with a fixed low jitter crystal clock
* Galvanic isolation between USB and the analog circuits, which means no noise from the computer will be transferred to your amplifier
* Super low noise power supply with multistage regulation and filtering
* For low out of band noise we use low order modulator
* For a more "analog" behavior (no pre-ringing) we use a digital filter with minimum phase
* The analog output stage is a high performance stage with high drive capability

The fact that this DAC uses a minimum phase filter, like the one in Meridian and Ayre CD players, pique my interest. I am sure to check it out.

If you are a Bladelius Embla owner, then the latest iPad app for Embla remote will interest you too.

In Swedish Statement / Audio Matic room 837:

The beautiful looking and great sounding Vitus Audio Reference series will be on demo. The system will include the RI-100 Integrated amplifier, the RL-101 Linestage and RP-101 Phonostage.

The Vitus electronics will be running together with Marten Getz loudspeaker and EAT Forte S Turntable.

Starhill 4 and 2B:

These 2 rooms will be dedicated to showcasing AV.

The Vivitek D8300 Large Venue Projector transitions 1080p between professional and home applications.
Vivitek's latest technology - Vivi-Blending, which provides ultra wide screen with 4-6 megapixels will be introduced to the showgoers in room 2B. Some examples of Vivi-Blending use:
12 projector immersive screen - US Marine Corp

Low cost ultra wide display for Windows desktop

Lastly, there will be the Asian premiere of the ADAM Grand Theatre Series loudspeakers, touted by the famed German loudspeaker maker as the new reference for home cinema sound.

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